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We offer some of the most precise custom rifle builds on the market. Our rifles have been used to win numerous Extreme Long Range Matches, and are incredibly consistent at distance. The secret to the success of our rifles is our attention to detail and what really matters when assembling a precise rifle. Through our affiliation with Applied Ballistics, LLC, we have tens of thousands of rounds of testing under our belt, and we see what works and what doesn’t.


We also have a private 1200-yard range on site, which has allowed us to rapidly test ideas and concepts. Not only can we build your rifle, we can also outfit it with optics and/or conduct ballistics testing and provide you with a rifle-bullet combination specific Custom Drag Model to use on your Applied Ballistics App or device, something no other company can offer.


We don’t just offer custom rifle builds, we offer complete custom shooting systems, for your specific application.


Contact us to discuss your rifle/system needs and pricing.