Pillar / Glass bedding

Pillar /

Glass Bedding




Pillar / Glass Bedding



Full Inlet And Bedding
To Your Specific Barreled Action



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Pillar / Glass bedding a stock that was inletted at the factory, includes the aluminum pillars, their installation, and glass bedding the action in the stock and free floating the barrel. If additional inletting is required to fit the barreled action to the stock, you will be contacted and pricing may need to be adjusted accordingly. [New Paragraph] Our full inlet option offers a perfect fit to your barreled action. We take your barreled action, and measure all of its dimensions to generate a CAD model of it. That model is then used to generate a custom tool path to inlet your stock to the same dimensions as your barreled action, with the strategic clearances, in one of our CNC mills for a perfect fit.


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