The Model 30 Tactical Rifle System was developed for those who are ready to hit the ground running with a complete system, designed and tested by Applied Ballistics,


the best in the business.

The Model 30 Tactical Rifle System is the most consistent and reliable ELR rifle system ever produced. We’ve combined the best technology available to offer a system designed specifically for 2500+ meter engagements in operational situations. Every component was chosen to offer the most repeatable system possible; the rifle, sighting system, ammo, and Applied Ballistics solver, all combined to make your first shot as predictable as your 100th shot.

The rifle is built on the reliable Stiller Tac408 action, and is fitted with a stainless steel 30” 1 in 7” twist Bartlein 5R barrel. The barreled action is fitted to a Cadex Defense Dual Strike chassis that allows maximum adjustability and a stock that folds over the bolt handle for ease of transportation and packing. This system is equipped with a Cadex 2-Stage trigger, and Area 419 Sidwinder muzzle brake is employed for greatly reduced recoil and the ability to stay on target after breaking the shot.

For extreme range engagements, your sighting system is a crucial element of your kit. We have selected the Nightforce Optics 7-35x56mm ATACR rifle scope for the M30TS. This optic offers bullet-proof reliability and a very versatile magnification range for any situation and positive target identification.

The ATACR is mounted to the system via a SPUR IMS mount for a rigid, stable platform that will hold its zero. A TacomHQ Charlie TARAC periscope is also included in this sighting system to allow the user to engage target beyond the scopes standard limits, giving this system legitimate 3000+ meter capabilities.

One of the primary objectives of this rifle system was to achieve a reliable consistent muzzle velocity, which can be challenging in many rifles designed for ELR use. We’ve achieved this goal through the proper selection of ammunition components and assembly techniques. Chambered in 9.5x77mm, this system launches 400 Grain Cutting Edge LAZER projectiles at 2860 FPS with single digit SDs. Ammunition is loaded with Peterson Cartridge Company 9.5x77mm cases.

Employing the Applied Ballistics solver really brings this system together. The system includes an AB device with a properly built profile. Doppler radar, Oheler 88 systems and other technology in the AB arsenal, are used to verify the performance of each system. Once it passes the tests, that data gets transferred through the AB connect system on to the included device. Getting near perfect firing solutions at extreme range just got a lot easier.